B.B. King’s Legacy Is the Focus of a Branded Liquor Partnership, New Album With Quavo & More says

B.B. King is a legendary blues and guitar icon who has left an indelible mark on the music industry. To honor his legacy, the B.B. King Life Legacy Initiative has launched several new partnerships, retail products, and brand concepts. This is a big deal, and even has picked up the article and written their own version.

One of the most exciting partnerships is with the Heritage Distilling Company, which has developed a bourbon and whiskey line called B.B. King One Whiskey. The bottles feature a portrait of the blues legend along with his signature, making them perfect for collectors and fans alike. You can learn more about the B.B. King One Whiskey line by visiting the bourbon and whiskey page on

In addition to the new bourbon and whiskey line, there are several other initiatives that are sure to excite B.B. King fans. There is a new album of collaborations with contemporary artists featuring King’s music, a theatrical biopic, a documentary, and a 24-hour B.B. King Blues Network. You can learn more about these initiatives by visiting the legacy page on

The B.B. King Life Legacy Initiative is aimed at preserving B.B. King’s legacy and introducing him to a new generation of fans. As Vassal Benford, chairman/CEO of The B.B. King Estate, The B.B. King Music Company, and the Family Trust, says, “B.B. King’s music is for everybody. He’s an iconic figure all over the world.”

We are thrilled that even has honored the King and has recently shared their perspective on the initiative. This is a testament to the impact that B.B. King has had on the music industry and the world. If you’re a fan of B.B. King, be sure to read more about the B.B. King Life Legacy Initiative and its partnerships here:

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